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The BEST Workout Leggings & Where To Find Them

There are few things worse than clothing malfunctions when you are working out. It takes away from the ability to work hard. If you’re too busy worrying about if your pants are see through, or how you are going to keep them up with one hand whist trying to squat…the workout is going to start to suffer. SO, what’s a hard working girl to do? Well, start by ditching the crappy leggings, & find something that works for you! Here are some of my favorite suggestions, & why I love them…The list goes from left to right in this photo, and I’ve linked the details for ya! 

  • Lululemon speed tights Price point: $108 – I love these because they fit like a dream. Lulu’s prices are always on the higher end, BUT it’s with good reason. Their quality is awesome. They have a 5 year warranty, & awesome customer service. These have side pockets if you like to keep your phone on you while you are running/lifting/hiking. They change up the prints all the time, and usually have some fun patterns to choose from.
  • Athleta Electra Sonar 7/8 Tight Price point: $89 – My sister gave me these darling tights for my B-day & I LOVE them. They rise a little higher in the waist, and they STAY IN PLACE. This print isn’t available anymore, but I linked the closest possible option. While Athleta’s prices are also a little higher, their quality is great. Their fabric washes well, & is flattering.
  • Old Navy Go Dry High Rise Compression Tights Price Point:$15-30 These are an awesome option for a much lower price. The quality isn’t as high with these leggings as far as wash & wear over time. However, I am super impressed with them. You can’t beat the price, & I LOVE the way they fit. The high rise waistline is awesome. I also have THESE mid rise compression leggings, & I LOVE them.
  • Zella Live in Leggings Price Point: $52 These leggings are my JAM. I actually don’t wear them to workout in all the time. I’ll wear them to hike in occasionally. But, the reason for that is because I like to wear them every other second of the day. These are my go-to black, standard, wear every second of the day, awesome quality leggings. They are from Nordstrom. I can’t say enough good things about them. They wash well. They wear well. They are the best amount of thickness. They are flattering. They are THE best. If you don’t have them. You need them. They always go on sale during the anniversary sale, FYI!
  • Nike Power Epic Lux Price Point: $108 full price (This is full price on, BUT they go on sale!) These tights are AWESOME. They are a good amount of thickness, and I LOVE the waistband on these pants. They come in high rise as well. Nike also has another similar pant that has an elastic waistband that I DO NOT like. I feel like it cuts you off, right where you don’t want it…or me at least. These tights stay in place, and if you check a Nike outlet, or any other sporting goods store that carries Nike products, you will likely find them on sale!
  • GapFit Blackout Technology gFast Space Dye high rise leggings Price Point:$30-65 I LOVE these leggings so much. Apparently Oprah does too. Turns out they were on her favorite things list. They are so comfortable. The quality is great. The high rise waist fits comfortably, and if you can’t get them on sale…you should wait for a hot second. Gap almost always is offering some sort of 30-40% off deal, which makes them a steal. They are thick enough to where they aren’t see through, but not so thick that they are suffocating. Plus the pattern is so unique. I Love them!
  • Lululemon All The Right Places Tights Price Point: $128 Another pricer pant, BUT they are named adequately. They are flattering on EVERYONE. Not only that, they are specifically lined and vented for those who workout. What does that mean? Well, the seat of the pant is lined with a thicker material so you won’t be seeing through them when you are squatting/burpeeing/bending…etc. Other parts are vented to keep you cooler while sweating. GENIUS. If you are wanting to invest in a GOOD, high quality pair to wear all the time. These are your guys right here. They also have side pockets…which obviously…we all love.
  • Lululemon High Rise Wunder Under Crop Full on Luon 21″ Price Point: $88 – I realize the length of these might be different on everyone, but I love the length! They are longer than a capri, but not all the way down to the ankle. The high rise is fantastic, & they are super flattering. Lulu frequently comes out with a variety of colors & prints in these which a lot of time will eventually go on sale if you can catch your size. Just check the “we made too much,” section. They also make these in a full pant, which is awesome.
  • Athleta Chaturunga Tight Price Point: $29-89 These are one of Athleta’s basic tights. They come in high rise, mid rise, capris, full tights, w/pockets…and in a ton of different prints. They are fantastic. I LOVE the striped capris. They are darling on every body type. They are high quality, they wash well, & they stay in place. All things that matter big time to me!

There are SO many different types of tights out there I know it can be a little overwhelming, trying to find something that works for your body type, but hopefully this can point you in the right direction!

Crane & Lion … got me like whoaaaaaa …

While I may be particular on a lot of things with regards to my workouts, there is one thing that I am EXTREMELY picky about…what I’m wearing. If my clothes are bothering me while I workout, I can’t workout at my full capacity. It drives me crazy. That being said, what I wear matters. A lot.

The amazing people over at Crane & Lion were nice enough to put together an outfit for me to try out. Let me first say that I’m a harsh critic. For example; I have about 30 pairs of the EXACT same style of shorts because I like how they fit. I know I can trust them. I don’t even have to think about how they are going to fit while i’m working out. I tried out this outfit that was sent to me

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

…& I’m sold. I loved every single piece that I tried.

The three items that are pictured here are: the keyhole sports bra in Cloud Blue

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

the shorty short in black

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

the pima textured long sleeve tee in Peacoat I loved each piece for different reasons. The sports bra was comfortable, supportive, & very cute. I loved the color. The structure was awesome. The shorty shorts were PERFECTION. The length was spot on. The shirring on the side of the shorts is SO cute. They didn’t move. At. All. No riding, no sliding, no movement. This is KEY in shorts. The long sleeve pima tee is the softest fabric ever. It’s going to be my new hiking tee for SURE. I’m obsessed. It’s light, comfortable, but still has some structure. LOVE. To sum it up, I’m a big fan. I highly suggest you check out Crane & Lion. You will not be disappointed.

Product Review: Bombas Socks…I’m a fan

I LOVE socks…Good socks that is. The ones that slide down, give you blisters, feel paper-thin…yeah I want nothing to do with those ones. However, the good socks, I’ll take all of them. In fact, if you give me a good pair of socks in a stellar print, I’m quite the happy camper.

When the great peeps over at Bombas Socks asked if i’d try some of their socks on for size I was more than willing. Being as how I wear 2-3 pairs of athletic socks I day I am always in the market.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

As soon as I tried these guys out, I was instantly sold. So comfortable, and way cute. Here is what I like about them…

  • They style – I love the heigh of the tall socks, and the low profile of the shorter athletic socks. The different color options are all darling. I tend to be a fan of the black always, but that is just me being me.
  • Honeycomb Support System – As you can see, around the toe box, there is a honeycomb pattern where the design is created to help distribute pressure evenly, AKA – they are more comfortable.
  • Performance footbed – The bottom of the sock is also created for comfort, which you can feel instantly when you put them on. They are awesome.
  • Blister Tab – I LOVE this about the ankle socks. There is a tab in the back that prevents the socks from slipping, making your heels blister free. #awesomeProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  • PURCHASE A PAIR – DONATE A PAIR – And lastly, something I think is super awesome, for every pair of Bombas Socks purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need. I love this.

Cute, comfortable, & compassionate…does it get much better than that? I don’t think so. Try them out. They rock. munchercruncherbombas3

Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

For those individuals who are wondering what some great HEALTHY gifts ideas may be for their friends and family…I’ll share a few of my favorites.

  1. Nike Flyknit trainers. Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.20.01 PMI have a pair of these, and I LOVE them. They are so incredibly comfortable. They are lightweight, but still sturdy. I’m a huge fan. Get them in your life. You can find them HERE.
  2. Old Navy compression capris & pants. Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.23.57 PMOld Navy absolutely NAILED it with these workout pants and capris. I may or may not have 4 pairs of the capris and 2 pairs of the pants. They wear well. They wash well. They stay put. They are comfortable. They are thick enough, but not suffocating. They are awesome. Find them HERE.
  3. Sorel Boots. Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.27.19 PMThese are on MY wish list this year. These are an awesome way to take your exercise outside. They are super warm, and perfect for winter walks, hikes, snowshoeing, and just looking darling. Find them HERE.
  4. Skullcandy earbuds. Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.32.00 PMAs you know, I love my music. It is what gets me through my workouts. These awesome Skullcandy ear buds from Target are inexpensive, and still awesome. They are my absolute fave because they stay in my ears, and they are comfortable. Find them HERE.
  5. A warm shell jacket.Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.35.26 PM I have this Patagonia shell in black and I’m in love with it! I seriously wear it every day to work. It is lightweight, but super warm. It isn’t bulky, so it’s perfect for layering. Find this jacket HERE.
  6. Healthy goodies. I would love some Questbars, Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.39.58 PMa bag of Skinnypop, Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.43.09 PMsome Turkey Jerky, Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.45.05 PM Extra Gum, Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.47.38 PMand any assortment of nuts in my stocking.
  7. Other ideas…water bottles, a kettle bell, a foam roller, resistance bands, a jump rope, any assortment of workout clothes, an iTunes gift card, a netflix subscription, healthy reads, a subscription to a fitness magazine, new socks, workout headbands, a gift certificate for a massage or to try some new fitness classes, a gym pass, or a new gym bag! The healthy holiday possibilities are endless!

Darling Watch Giveaway!

Happy Monday! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. I have some great Monday news for you. The fantastic people over at sent me one of their retro silicone watches to try out. Because I am constantly working on a time schedule with all of my clients, and I am constantly timing my clients, I was so excited about this CUTE watch to keep me on schedule. It is perfect for me because the silicone band doesn’t have me worried that I’m going to scratch or ruin it. Not to mention, the color is adorable too. IMG_5171Pretty dang cute, right? Well the good news is that the people over at want to give one of YOU a watch of your choice! You can see the different selection of watches by clicking HERE. Not only will one of you get a watch of your choice for free, but I also have a coupon code for you to get a 10% discount on all of the DPD products for the next month. Awesome, right? This coupon code is MUNCHCRUNCH.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment telling me which color watch YOU would like! You can check out all of the options HERE. The contest will end Tuesday, March 26th at midnight, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday the 27th. Thanks to Daily Product Deals, and Good luck!

See Megan Run – 10 Miler & iMap my run app

So, yesterday was the first time I have ran outside in a LONG time. Like…we are talking over a year. For those of you who haven’t experienced the difference between running on a treadmill and running outside in a while, there is a definite difference. My goal yesterday was 10 Miles. I wanted to get a 9:14 pace, but I ended up being about 10 seconds slower. I know some of you are cheetahs, and that seems slow to you, but this girl is trying to build her running legs back up injury free! 

The Running Recap:
– Breakfast: Slow cook oats with a dallop of PB and a handful of frosted mini wheat bites cinnamon flavored. They’re new. They’re divine. They’re full of carbs which is just what I needed. 
– Conditions/Temperature: 45ish not too bad for February. Still a little chilly for my liking. I am a total weather snob when it comes to running outside. I get why it was so warm yesterday now…it’s a blizzard today! I will NEVER understand you, Utah weather. 
– Attire: Adidas running tights/capri length, Dry fit tank, Dry fit t-shirt, Columbia shell, ear warmer, Aisics Speedsters. (I wished I had some gloves, but I was pretty good temperature-wise.)
– Fuel: I should have taken my waterbelt, but didn’t because I hate running with it. I stopped at a tiny little grocery store and ran in the bathroom and drank from the sink 1/2 way through. So gross. I know. I also took a couple Swedish Fish to pop in 1/2 way through. Yes, I ate candy. I didn’t want to open up a whole pack of shot blocks when I knew I only would need a little bit of a glucose boost. The fishies worked like a dream (and tasted great.) 
**Usually the rule of thumb for long runs/refueling is with any runs over 75 minutes you should have some fuel. For longer runs you want 25-50 grams of carbs per hour.
– Overall Feelings on the run: My body felt great. I felt like I had the energy to keep going and my muscles/joints felt good. For whatever reason I was bored to death yesterday. I think my route was a little boring which may have been part of it. It was a decent run though. 

I have a list of about 5 million things I want. On that list is a Garmin, and because they are expensive I probably won’t be getting one for a while. BUT…in the meantime. I am LOVING the iMapMyRUN app on my iPhone.

 – It is free, which is always a bonus.
– You can set it to give you stats whenever you’d like.  I am always jamming to my favorite tunes when I run, and I didn’t want to be too frequently interrupted, so I set it to give me my details every mile. I wanted my distance, time, pace, and mph. It was great. I actually did a full 10 miles, but started the app a little after I took off.

It also records where you are, and includes your elevation. I love this aspect. As you can see the first part of my run was a straight incline. Maybe that is why I wasn’t feeling it? Who knows. Anyways. The app is cool for Garmin-less runners like me, check it out.

Other weekend highlights included:
– Seeing The Vow, which I loved, but apparently nobody else did.
– Lunch with my Co-Workers at Zupas…some crazy/exciting changes coming up with work that I will share.
– A night out with the buddies to Coldstone. Remember that place? I haven’t been there in FOREVER. I much prefer my frozen yogurt, BUT if you are looking for a healthier option there get the sinless sweet cream with bananas and raspberries. It’s good stuff.

Also… Do you think it is normal for a person to have as many pairs of workout shoes as they do regular ones?? I may have an addiction. I get it.

Do you use a Garmin? Do you love it? Do you prefer to know your stats for your runs, or are you just happy to be outside running free? Do you know of any support groups for people who have more workout clothes than real ones? Hey people…it’s my job. (That is just what I tell myself to feel justified…)

August Album Giveaway Winner!

Today is the day.
The winner of the August Album Giveaway (chosen by is  #18 ROXY!!
Roxy said…

Roxy and I used to be roomies, once upon a time. We actually trained for the SLC marathon together, until a stress fracture got the best of her. Dang bones…who need em? She is getting married here in a couple weeks, and I’m so excited for her!! Hope you enjoy the new tunes Roxies!

The trip thus far has been nothing short of fabulous.
The 10 hour road trip to AZ is always worth it. 

Yesterday consisted of sleeping in, church, an awesome dinner prepped by my sister Nichole, some side-by-side pinning on Pinterest, and a family movie night. We watched Braveheart. SO inspiring. I think it might be one of my new top five movies. I hate blood, gore, and guts, so I was glad we found an edited version. I still just want to talk in a Scottish accent. “FREEDOM!!!!!” Thank you William Wallace.

Today did not disappoint. 

We started off the morning at one of my favorite Arizona locations, Last Chance.

I scored some awesome New Balance Minimus Shoes. I won’t be running in them, but being as how I wear workout clothes all day every day I am always itching for some new kicks.

(Why does this angle always make your calves look so huge and monstrous?)

I also came away with a new Hobo wallet. I’ve wanted one forever, so I was VERY excited about that.
We followed shopping with pedicures,  (I’ll spare you another foot picture) and lunched at one of my favorite healthy places, Pita Jungle. Ohhh if I could just have one in UT…probably a good thing we don’t.

I had grilled veggies and grilled chicken.

Super tasty. Please go there if you are ever in the area. You will thank me, and so will your taste buds.
Let’s be honest, If you are ever in the area I will give you a list of things you MUST do. It might be long…I have so many favorites. 
The rest of the night went like this…
– Salad Bar with mom at Jason’s Deli (my m&d have been in ut for 5 weeks, so the cupboards are pretty bare.)
– Marshalls
-Trader Joe’s
– Weights work out with Mom and Nichole (I wore my new NB shoes, and they are awesome for lifting in. Still pretty sure I won’t be doing much cardio in them, though.)
– Watching the Bachelor Pad with Mama Cita
I feel good about it. 
Have you ever worn any of the minimally inspired shoes? (Nike Free’s, NB minimus etc.) I have LOVED my frees for everything BUT running. Running in the frees = stress fracture. Boo. I think they are darling though. Great for work. Any Bachelor Pad viewers?

Whatcha Wearin’ ???

I am constantly in workout clothes. It seems like I always am on the hunt for good deals on active wear because it is all I wear. I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been wearing as of late…

I’m loving the neons these days.

I picked up THIS tank top from Forever 21 for $9.80. 
I actually got the orange and grey striped color, but this was the only one available online. It is SUPER soft and really bright. I love it. Sometimes I like to get the cheap-o tanks from places like F21 because all I do is sweat in em and wash em over and over again, so I just wear them until I wear them out. 
I picked up this grey and black striped Soffe tank at Sports Authority, but you can purchase it HERE for $9.99.
It is also available in some other REALLY cute colors. I like it because it’s soft, long, and racer back. All favorites.
I got THESE shorts at Target.
They are reversible, and I love the neon green and yellow. These pictures are kinda horrible, so let me start by saying…
1) I do not tuck my tank tops in
2) I do not pull my shorts up to my belly button
3) the top waistband folds over, showing the other color at the same time.
4) they really are cute in person.

I realize these pics make them look like they are not-so-cute…but they’re pretty cute. 

I also always love my Nike Tempo shorts and my Forever 21 Ribbed tanks for $3.50, and I am a HUGE fan of my Adidas running capris. I have some great Nike and Under Armor tanks that I like as well, but I wanted to focus on my cheap-o finds for the week!

What are your favorite workout clothing items?? Where are your favorite places to buy new gym clothes? I feel like all I do is wash and wear the same gym clothes over and over again. Probably because I do 🙂