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The BEST Workout Leggings & Where To Find Them

There are few things worse than clothing malfunctions when you are working out. It takes away from the ability to work hard. If you’re too busy worrying about if your pants are see through, or how you are going to keep them up with one hand whist trying to squat…the workout is going to start to suffer. SO, what’s a hard working girl to do? Well, start by ditching the crappy leggings, & find something that works for you! Here are some of my favorite suggestions, & why I love them…The list goes from left to right in this photo, and I’ve linked the details for ya! 

  • Lululemon speed tights Price point: $108 – I love these because they fit like a dream. Lulu’s prices are always on the higher end, BUT it’s with good reason. Their quality is awesome. They have a 5 year warranty, & awesome customer service. These have side pockets if you like to keep your phone on you while you are running/lifting/hiking. They change up the prints all the time, and usually have some fun patterns to choose from.
  • Athleta Electra Sonar 7/8 Tight Price point: $89 – My sister gave me these darling tights for my B-day & I LOVE them. They rise a little higher in the waist, and they STAY IN PLACE. This print isn’t available anymore, but I linked the closest possible option. While Athleta’s prices are also a little higher, their quality is great. Their fabric washes well, & is flattering.
  • Old Navy Go Dry High Rise Compression Tights Price Point:$15-30 These are an awesome option for a much lower price. The quality isn’t as high with these leggings as far as wash & wear over time. However, I am super impressed with them. You can’t beat the price, & I LOVE the way they fit. The high rise waistline is awesome. I also have THESE mid rise compression leggings, & I LOVE them.
  • Zella Live in Leggings Price Point: $52 These leggings are my JAM. I actually don’t wear them to workout in all the time. I’ll wear them to hike in occasionally. But, the reason for that is because I like to wear them every other second of the day. These are my go-to black, standard, wear every second of the day, awesome quality leggings. They are from Nordstrom. I can’t say enough good things about them. They wash well. They wear well. They are the best amount of thickness. They are flattering. They are THE best. If you don’t have them. You need them. They always go on sale during the anniversary sale, FYI!
  • Nike Power Epic Lux Price Point: $108 full price (This is full price on, BUT they go on sale!) These tights are AWESOME. They are a good amount of thickness, and I LOVE the waistband on these pants. They come in high rise as well. Nike also has another similar pant that has an elastic waistband that I DO NOT like. I feel like it cuts you off, right where you don’t want it…or me at least. These tights stay in place, and if you check a Nike outlet, or any other sporting goods store that carries Nike products, you will likely find them on sale!
  • GapFit Blackout Technology gFast Space Dye high rise leggings Price Point:$30-65 I LOVE these leggings so much. Apparently Oprah does too. Turns out they were on her favorite things list. They are so comfortable. The quality is great. The high rise waist fits comfortably, and if you can’t get them on sale…you should wait for a hot second. Gap almost always is offering some sort of 30-40% off deal, which makes them a steal. They are thick enough to where they aren’t see through, but not so thick that they are suffocating. Plus the pattern is so unique. I Love them!
  • Lululemon All The Right Places Tights Price Point: $128 Another pricer pant, BUT they are named adequately. They are flattering on EVERYONE. Not only that, they are specifically lined and vented for those who workout. What does that mean? Well, the seat of the pant is lined with a thicker material so you won’t be seeing through them when you are squatting/burpeeing/bending…etc. Other parts are vented to keep you cooler while sweating. GENIUS. If you are wanting to invest in a GOOD, high quality pair to wear all the time. These are your guys right here. They also have side pockets…which obviously…we all love.
  • Lululemon High Rise Wunder Under Crop Full on Luon 21″ Price Point: $88 – I realize the length of these might be different on everyone, but I love the length! They are longer than a capri, but not all the way down to the ankle. The high rise is fantastic, & they are super flattering. Lulu frequently comes out with a variety of colors & prints in these which a lot of time will eventually go on sale if you can catch your size. Just check the “we made too much,” section. They also make these in a full pant, which is awesome.
  • Athleta Chaturunga Tight Price Point: $29-89 These are one of Athleta’s basic tights. They come in high rise, mid rise, capris, full tights, w/pockets…and in a ton of different prints. They are fantastic. I LOVE the striped capris. They are darling on every body type. They are high quality, they wash well, & they stay in place. All things that matter big time to me!

There are SO many different types of tights out there I know it can be a little overwhelming, trying to find something that works for your body type, but hopefully this can point you in the right direction!

Crane & Lion … got me like whoaaaaaa …

While I may be particular on a lot of things with regards to my workouts, there is one thing that I am EXTREMELY picky about…what I’m wearing. If my clothes are bothering me while I workout, I can’t workout at my full capacity. It drives me crazy. That being said, what I wear matters. A lot.

The amazing people over at Crane & Lion were nice enough to put together an outfit for me to try out. Let me first say that I’m a harsh critic. For example; I have about 30 pairs of the EXACT same style of shorts because I like how they fit. I know I can trust them. I don’t even have to think about how they are going to fit while i’m working out. I tried out this outfit that was sent to me

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

…& I’m sold. I loved every single piece that I tried.

The three items that are pictured here are: the keyhole sports bra in Cloud Blue

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

the shorty short in black

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

the pima textured long sleeve tee in Peacoat I loved each piece for different reasons. The sports bra was comfortable, supportive, & very cute. I loved the color. The structure was awesome. The shorty shorts were PERFECTION. The length was spot on. The shirring on the side of the shorts is SO cute. They didn’t move. At. All. No riding, no sliding, no movement. This is KEY in shorts. The long sleeve pima tee is the softest fabric ever. It’s going to be my new hiking tee for SURE. I’m obsessed. It’s light, comfortable, but still has some structure. LOVE. To sum it up, I’m a big fan. I highly suggest you check out Crane & Lion. You will not be disappointed.

Post Review: Beets BLU Bluetooth Scale with Smartphone Tracking

While I don’t love weighing myself…I don’t think anyone does…I do think that it is important when you are trying to reach a weight loss goal. For my clients that are wanting to lose weight, I have them weigh in on a weekly basis. I usually choose Wednesday as their “weigh day,” because it keeps them accountable w/both bookends of the weekend. I have used a LOT of different scales in my day, & there have been a lot of things that I’ve come to like & dislike about all of them. I was excited to try out this new bluetooth scale from Beets BLU.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I love the design of the scale. It’s really sleek, thin, & lightweight. It is also really easy to use. You can change the settings from LB to KG, depending on what you prefer. I like that it gives you more information than just your weight, offering BMI measurements to help you to know if you are getting closer to reaching your goals.

One of the really cool features of this scale is the fact that it syncs with your smartphone, helping to record & track your progress each time you weigh. I used my IPhone 6 with this device, but I know it is compatible with many other smartphone models. You must have the app downloaded and open on your phone in order to record your stats, which some might consider a nuisance. However, I find it to be super beneficial. This device allows for multiple profiles as well, so more than one person can use it to their benefit. I found the app to be a bit outdated, but as I know this is a new product, I feel like this will likely be improved in the future. It is available on Amazon HERE.

Muncher Cruncher Fitness Favorite Must Haves

It’s Christmas shopping time…which it always SO fun, but can also be a bit stressful. Whether you are looking for things for the people you love, or to put on your own list…here is a list of some of my fitness favorites.

  1. Socks. As you know I’m a HUGE fan of socks these days. There are so many different fun  patterns/styles that can keep your feet warm while you are just kicking around or spice up your workout outfit a bit. My favorites these days are Stance socks, Bombas socks, & Nike elites. Side note: I also love the Nike Roshes pictures below. 🙂 thumb_7FA0E7D8-D4D5-4A36-884F-82A01AA1FDF7_1024
  2. Hydroflask water bottle. My sister gave me one of these for my birthday this year, and I am absolutely in love with it. thumb_IMG_5520_1024
  3. Lulu Lemon Speed Shorts. I LOVE these shorts. The Speed Short 4-way stretch is my favorite. However, they have a ton of different varieties if you don’t love the way those ones fit on you. thumb_IMG_3815_1024
  4. G fast Leggings from Gap Fit.  These are so comfortable. I love the 23″ style because they are the perfect length. I have them in both black & gray & I wear them ALL the time!
  5. Fitness tracker/heart rate monitor. I have tried a LOT of different types of activity trackers & heart rate monitors. My favorite activity tracker is the Jawbone.  My favorite heart rate monitor is the Polar FT4.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
  6. Lululemon Whatsup Hat. I am a hat lover these days. Probably because I hate doing my hair…My favorite being the Whatsup & Baller styles from Lulu. thumb_IMG_2755_1024
  7. Nike Internationalists. I don’t wear these to work out in, but they are my absolute favorite kick around shoes. I have worn them to Disneyland, on trips where i’m walking all day, and just for everyday life. They are seriously so comfortable, and so cute. They are also great for jumping in front of unicorns. Obviously. thumb_IMG_0735_1024
  8. Joggers. I wear joggers like 10 times per week. They are the perfect mix between comfortable, stylish, & not completely scroungy…or at least that is what I tell myself. Some of my favorites? HERE. HERE. and HERE.
  9. Healthy Snacks: Questbars/Larabars/G2G Bars/Skinny Pop/Nearly Naked Popcornopolis/Boom Chicka Pop/Krave Jerky/nuts/gum/etc.
  10. Patagonia Nano Puff Hooded Jacket. I LOVE this coat. It’s the perfect weight to throw on as a layer because it is so lightweight, but it’s super warm. I wear it ALL. THE. TIME.
  11. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 – These shoes have become some of my favorites. They are so comfy, and so cute. They have some new floral styles that are absolutely to die for. You can find them HEREmunchercrunchergiftlist_pegasus
  12. Giftcards to your favorite healthy restaurant. You just can’t go wrong with gift cards. You can’t. I love to eat. I love to eat out. I especially love to eat out when it’s free. I think everyone feels pretty much the same on that. thumb_IMG_5891_1024 
  13. Zella Live In Leggings. These basic black leggings are perfection. I wear them all the time. If you don’t have some. Get some. You will not regret it.
  14. Subscriptions to Spotify/Netflix/Itunes. It is always easier to work out when you have great music, or some shows to watch. Subscriptions to make this possible make for an awesome gift.
  15. Gap Fit Breathe Heathered Hoodie.  The material on these hoodies is so soft. They are perfect to throw on to run to the gym, or just to be comfortable. They also have some that don’t have the hood that are equally as awesome.
  16. Muscle Tanks. I have been loving working out in muscle tanks these days. Some of my favorites are HERE and HEREmunchercrunchergift_tank
  17. Fitness Equipment: Kettlebell, hand weights, jump rope, Bosu Ball Medicine ball. This is an endless category really. I feel like there are always a million things I want. The above mentioned items are some great basic pieces to enable some great at home workouts. thumb_IMG_9001_1024
  18. Gym Membership/personal training sessions/a session of Fit Camp 🙂 …  This is a simple way to give the gift of health!
  19. Headphones. I love THESE Skull Candy headphones and THESE Dre Beats.
  20. Backpack or Gym Bag. I think a gym bag is an AWESOME gift because it is something that people use all the time , but don’t necessarily think to buy one for themselves. THIS is one of my favorites. I also love this Fjallraven Kanken backpack for hiking. It’s super lightweight, & can actually hold quite a bit.   FullSizeRender 3

Happy Shopping!! xoxoxo Megs

Product Review: Beets Blu

As you know I’m always on the look out for  new fitness gear, so when the awesome people over at Beets Blu contacted me to review their new bluetooth technology, I was more than willing. They sent me a wireless bluetooth heart rate monitor as well as a wireless bluetooth pagertag.

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I really enjoy working out with a heart rate monitor for a few reasons. 1) It helps to to know how hard I am really pushing myself. My heart rate is proof of that. 2) It is awesome for my interval workouts, allowing me to target my heart where I want it to be. 3) It allow me to accurately indicate what my caloric burn is with my workouts. Basically, heart rate monitors allow for accuracy. It makes my workouts more of a science.

That being said…I’ve tried a lot of heart rate monitors. I’m a big proponent of monitors that require a chest strap. I feel like pulse monitors on the wrist just aren’t as accurate. Sometimes I feel bogged down with gear…I always have my phone & headphones for my music. If I have a heart rate monitor on I have a chest strap as well as a wrist watch…It just starts to feel like I’ve got more equipment on me than a science experiment…which is why I instantly became a fan of the Beets Blu wireless monitor. It connects directly to my phone, taking out the need for my watch.

This monitor connects to a variety of different apps that I already use, there is a list of compatible apps on their website HERE. I liked using the “Runkeeper” app as well as the “Mapmyfitness” app. The wireless monitor syncs directly with my phone, and then works right in the app i’m using.

PROS: I felt like this monitor was extremely accurate, and sensitive, no lag-time response here. I love that it syncs with my phone, no extra equipment required…in fact eliminating equipment (no need for a watch). I also loved how easy it was to use. After I synced this monitor to my phone, it was always there. Easy. This was awesome for my outdoor interval runs. I also felt like the sizing was easy to adjust, and the band was comfortable. It stayed right in place.

CONS: Using the bluetooth monitor with my fitness apps and my music all at the same time drained my battery on my phone pretty quickly. I still haven’t found an app that I LOVED for my gym workouts where i’m not running. I was able to monitor my heart rate with the BeetsBlu Utility App. However, it doesn’t track my caloric burn, time working out, or total increase & decrease in heart rate. I still have some playing around to do there to find an app that I feel is the most beneficial for an indoor workout.

I would totally recommend this product. It’s accurate, easy to use, comfortable, and beneficial.

Along with the heart rate monitor, I tried out the Beets Blu papertag. It is such a brilliant idea.

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This awesome little device is fantastic for people like me who lose everything…All you do is attach this little device to your keys (dog, purse, child, valuables…what have you…) and sync the device with your phone. With the help of this device, you can find your lost valuables within 33 feet, wirelessly. SO simple, and so awesome! Thank you for saving me from searching for my keys in the dark at 5 am when i’m supposed to be out to door and on my way to to work!

Product Review: Bombas Socks…I’m a fan

I LOVE socks…Good socks that is. The ones that slide down, give you blisters, feel paper-thin…yeah I want nothing to do with those ones. However, the good socks, I’ll take all of them. In fact, if you give me a good pair of socks in a stellar print, I’m quite the happy camper.

When the great peeps over at Bombas Socks asked if i’d try some of their socks on for size I was more than willing. Being as how I wear 2-3 pairs of athletic socks I day I am always in the market.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

As soon as I tried these guys out, I was instantly sold. So comfortable, and way cute. Here is what I like about them…

  • They style – I love the heigh of the tall socks, and the low profile of the shorter athletic socks. The different color options are all darling. I tend to be a fan of the black always, but that is just me being me.
  • Honeycomb Support System – As you can see, around the toe box, there is a honeycomb pattern where the design is created to help distribute pressure evenly, AKA – they are more comfortable.
  • Performance footbed – The bottom of the sock is also created for comfort, which you can feel instantly when you put them on. They are awesome.
  • Blister Tab – I LOVE this about the ankle socks. There is a tab in the back that prevents the socks from slipping, making your heels blister free. #awesomeProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  • PURCHASE A PAIR – DONATE A PAIR – And lastly, something I think is super awesome, for every pair of Bombas Socks purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need. I love this.

Cute, comfortable, & compassionate…does it get much better than that? I don’t think so. Try them out. They rock. munchercruncherbombas3

Nike Free TR Flyknit – Get Some

I have a thing for athletic shoes, it’s no secret. However when I find a shoe that I really really love, I have to share it. I posted yesterday about these Nike Free TR Flyknits, on my Instagram & I had some questions regarding where I found them, and the fit of the shoe. I couldn’t be happier to share more about them…munchercrunchernikeflyknitI have people ask me all the time which shoes I feel like are best for circuit training & cross training. I think these are an AWESOME choice. They are structured, due to the normal fit of the Free TR style. However, they have the comfort of the flyknit as well, which is my favorite. I have other Nike Free TR’s, & I found these to fit the same way the others fit. I would say they are true to size.  Nike has done it again, & once again, I’m a huge fan!

Review: Carrabbas Gluten Free Menu

I have teamed up with the people at Carrabbas to try out their gluten free menu. There are a lot of people with special allergies or dietary needs that worry about eating out because of cross-contamination, or a lack of options. I LOVE when restaurants will cater to people’s dietary concerns, allowing individuals to eat with out any worries at all. Carrabbas has done just that. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThey have created an entire gluten free menu. You can click HERE to see the full online version. There are a TON of different options, all of which can be ordered directly off the menu, without any alterations at all. I saw a lot of things that I want to try, and definitely will try. However, I started off with a simple dish that I found to be very tasty, and right up my alley. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI went with the wood-grilled chicken, served with a side of steamed spinach. I loved that this was simple, lean, & green. The chicken was delicious and flavorful. There is an option to order the 5 oz portion or the 10 oz portion. I went with the 10 oz, so I could take half of it home for leftovers. I can’t wait to go back & try more of their gluten free options!

Product Review: eShakti Clothing

Let’s just start by saying this may be my favorite product review to date. The wonderful people over at asked me if I would choose an article of clothing from their site to do a review for them. Me & Shopping? Yes please. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI instantly fell in love with this darling skirt. I have a hard time finding skirts that are a length that I like, and this one was perfect. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIt has a super flattering fit, and POCKETS. Hello. I love anything that i can wear with black that has pockets. Win/win/win. I love the fit and high waisted style, and I love the material it is made out of. This particular skirt is a cotton/poly blend that gives it some structure. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI feel like you could dress it up, dress it down. Wear it with tights for winter, or lighten it up for summer. In short, I absolutely love it.

Product Review: Lesser Evil Popcorn

It’s a real good day when a box of popcorn shows up on my doorstep to be reviewed. I’ve become a bit of a popcorn snob in my quest to find healthy snacks that are gluten free. I’ve found that there are actually a lot of pre-popped popcorn options that are available out there, which is GREAT. I’ve also found that they are not all tasty or healthy. The wonderful people over at Lesser Evil were kind enough to send me some of their products to test out. IMG_7614 I tend to like the popcorn that is made with sunflower oil or coconut oil the best. Read your product labels my friends! This product ABSOLUTELY fit the bill. I mean, LOOK at these ingredients…Organic non-GMO popcorn, organic coconut oil, & himalayan salt? YES PLEASE. IMG_7619 The four flavors that I tried were; Himalayan Pink (basically a salty popcorn), Himalayan Sweetness (a sweet and salty popcorn), Chia Pop: Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, and Chia Pop: Aged White Cheddar. I was a fan of all four. 
IMG_7617You can’t go wrong with these two “Buddha Bowl” flavors. They were light, and delicious. They had a great taste, and they weren’t dry like some bagged popcorn can be. The coconut oil gave it a hint of sweetness, which was delightful. Loved it. IMG_7618The nutrition facts were also right on point. 37 calories per cup? Yes, I think that sounds great. The Himalayan Sweetness was the perfect mix of salty and sweet. I would consider this more of a treat because the sugar content is a little higher, but it was very good.IMG_7620 I had never had anything like the chia popcorn before, and I thought it was wonderful. The Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper popcorn was dusted with seasonings that gave it a savory/peppery flavor…SO good. The aged White Cheddar was also very flavorful…finger licking good, if you will. 🙂 It felt like an indulgence, and yet it was just a tasty & healthy snack.

I found these Lesser Evil products at my local Sprouts. Click HERE to find where you might be able to find this delicious product near you!