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How I Keep My Skin Clear When Working Out

I get a lot of questions on MY INSTAGRAM about how I keep my skin clear when I’m working out so much. I posted the products that I use on my story, & had a lot of follow up questions, so I figured it was easier to post all the info here for you! Let me start by saying, I’m no dermatologist or skin specialist. This is just what I’ve had recommended to me by my dermatologist, and what has worked for me & my skin.

  1. I wash my face morning & night. Well…to clarify, I wash my face after I workout in the morning & then before I go to bed. I had a problem with clogged pores, & went to a dermatologist. I was actually surprised when she recommended Cetaphyl. Nothing to fancy. I have used it since then, & I LOVE it. Click HERE to shop
  2. I also use the Cetaphyl moisturizer. This stuff is the best. It lasts forever. I put it on right after I wash my face, & I use it everywhere else as well. Click HERE to shop.
  3. I have recently become a BIG fan of this anti aging face cream. I probably started using it about 9 months ago, & I feel like it works wonders. Click HERE to shop.
  4. I have also found that using different masks a few times per week has helped get rid of the dead skin, & keep my pores nice and clear. I love this charcoal mud mask.Click HERE to shop. When I feel like my skin needs an extra deep clean, this microdermabarasion exfoliating mask is awesome. It can be used as a mask or a scrub. It makes my skin super smooth & soft. Click HERE to shop. I also love this 24k gold mask when I feel like my skin needs a little brightening & hydrating.  Click HERE to shop.
  5. I remember using the pore strips when I was in high school, so when my sister Nichole told me about them I was definitely taking a trip back in time. BUT, these charcoal strips are awesome. They are great to get all of the blackheads out of your skin around your nose. Click HERE to shop.
  6. One thing that I highly recommend if you are having skin issues is another tip from my dermatologist. She told me to switch from a makeup I was using that had oil in it, to an oil free foundation. This Bare Minerals loose powder is awesome. It has a really even coating. It’s light. It isn’t cakey, & it has an SPF 15 in it. Click HERE to shop.
  7. Lastly, I love these makeup remover wipes. For those who have to workout after work, or when they already have makeup on. I would suggest to use these to even just wipe off some of the foundation. It helps to clear your skin, & let it breathe while you’re sweating! They are also just great to remove your makeup at night. Click HERE to shop.

Hopefully that helps you out a little bit. There is no reason to let sweating during your workouts lead to trouble with your skin! I think if you take care of it right, you can minimize a lot of problems. 🙂 xoxoxo Megs

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