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Muncher Cruncher MUST HAVE Christmas List for 2017

I have a LOT of favorite products, and things that I swear by…as you know. I figured I’d better share some of my must haves for you, in case you are looking for something to get that fit-minded friend of yours, OR if you need a few more things for your own stocking!

  1. I LOVE my. Adidas NMD’s I probably get the MOST questions about these shoes when they sneak into my photos here and there.They are super comfortable. I may or may not have them in three colors. I wore mine around Europe for 13 days, & they were a dream. I work out in them too! They are awesome for both Men & Women, and they are the PERFECT kick-around shoe. Click HERE to check them out. They are usually sold out, which is annoying. BUT…I’m a recent new fan of THESE  Adidas Swift Runners. Also super cute, a little less pricey, and also way comfortable!
  2. THESE Women’s Nike Lifting Gloves. When I posted about my gym, “must haves,” I said that I LOVE my lifting gloves. These are the gloves that I prefer. They are not extremely padded, but they are fitted.
  3. I think I would die without my headphones. These Skull Candy Ink’d Headphones are my VERY favorite. They are super inexpensive, and in my experience, they last FOREVER. Or until I lose one of the bud covers…haha but I love them. GET THEM.
  4. Stance socks… I love them. Best gift ever.I feel like they are such a fun way to change up your workout gear. Again…a great gift for anyone. Check out  THESE for your guy or THESE cute ones for girls.
  5. I have had a lot of you ask about where I got this Michael Kors coat. I got mine at Nordstrom, but no longer see it there. I did find it HERE on amazon for you though. It is SUPER warm, & so cozy. I have also just about worn THIS Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket to death. It’s the perfect throw on, go to the gym layer, & I love it for hiking.
  6. If you don’t have a good water bottle, I HIGHLY recommend it. I love both my Hydroflask, & my Takeya bottles. CLICK HERE for Hydroflasks & HERE  for Takeya. If you get a Hydroflask, I would suggest getting the straw top lid as well, click HERE to check it out. It makes getting your water in really easy.  These legit keep my water cold for like 24 hours at a time. I LOVE them for hiking, and I take mine with me everywhere. And, if your car is like mine, and your big water bottle doesn’t fit the car cup holder, THIS converter is a game changer.
  7. I recently got THIS Kindle and I am in love with it. I use the free apps Overdrive &/or Libby that connect to my local library, & it’s a dream. If you are able to read while you are cardio-ing, or if you are just a reader. This is an awesome gift.
  8. I am ALL about  my apple watch. They have come out with three editions thus far. I actually am still rocking  THIS series 1, and I love it, but THIS series 2 , & THIS series 3 each have updated features that you may be interested in. If you are more of a Garmin lover, THIS is a great options as well.
  9. If you ARE an apple watch lover like I am, THESE interchangeable silicone bands are my favorite way to mix it up. You can buy them from the apple store, but they are much more expensive.
  10. I love THIS Bosu ball. It is such a versatile piece of equipment, & if you want something to add to your home gym this is something you need. Plus this one is a dang good price…
  11. Another great addition to a home gym is a good bluetooth speaker. THIS is the one that I use when I am training my clients, and I love it.
  12.  THIS Magic Bullet is awesome when it comes to making a shake in a hurry. I use this when I make my protein shakes with my favorite Ideallean which you know I LOVE. (also a great gift FYI) 
  13. If you know me, you know how much I love my popcorn. And there is nothing better than homemade popcorn at home. For this, I love my Whirley Pop. Click HERE to check it out  It is the best way to make fresh popcorn at home. I make mine with THIS coconut oil & some salt. SO GOOD.
  14. If you are wanting something to stay fresh on your way out of the gym…some of my favorite scents are Flower Bomb (HERE) Mark Jacobs Dot (HERE) & Chanel Chance (HERE).
  15. A good gym bag is always a great purchase. Wether you are looking for a big one LIKE THIS, or a small one LIKE THIS. I also am a big fan of THIS nike backpacks. It is super sleek. I also LOVE THESE baggu backpacks. I took mine to Hawaii and it was perfect for day trips, hikes, & the beach.
  16. You know I always support new gym clothes as gifts. The align pant from Lululemon are MONEY. They are seriously like butter. I don’t wear them to work out in, but I wear them just about every other moment. I am LOVING THESE sweat bottoms and these hoodies from IdealFit. THIS Nike tank is a favorite, as well as THIS Nike Muscle tank. This is one of my favorite basic Adidas baseball hats (HERE). I have THIS basic Adidas trefoil Tee and I wear it at least once a week.
  17. Lastly, give the gift of FITNESS! I have a lot of clients who ask for boot camp packages, meal plans, and custom programs for Christmas. Because they can feel like an extra expense, it is a great time to ask for a little something for yourself! Email me at mcfitutah@gmail.com for more info there! <3

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