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The Best Place To Start For an At Home Gym

I have a lot of clients that do all their workouts from home. It makes it easier for them with kids, schedules, work, school…you name it. I get it, it can be really nice to just fit in what you can when you can! One thing I get asked a lot is what are some of the best items to have to get your own home gym, or even just home workout space, started. Here is my list for you:

  1. A TRX trainer. TRX suspension trainers are AWESOME. You can take them anywhere. You can anchor them to a wall, or use the door stop to use it indoors. They are awesome for body weight exercises, & can be beneficial for any fitness level. They are awesome for building core strength, balance, & rehabilitation. I ESPECIALLY love these for my clients who have a need to build/improve knee & back strength. Click HERE for my favorite.
  2. A jump rope. This is super simple, but super efficient. If you don’t have a piece of cardio equipment, utilizing some jump roping is an awesome way to get your heart rate up. It’s super simple, takes up no space, can travel with you, & is a GREAT workout. Click HERE to see the jump rope I use.
  3. A set of DB’s. This is an obvious choice, but I have a lot of people ask what weight to start with. If you are new to the exercise world. I would say a set of 15 LB db’s is a GREAT place to start. You want to be able to challenge your muscles, so you do need to have some weight. I know that DB’s are pricey, so this might be something you add to here and there. If you are getting stronger, I’d add to your collection with some 20’s. Click HERE for my favorite DB’s. I really prefer the rubber hex dumbbells. I think they are better quality, easier to hold, & not as abrasive on surfaces.
  4. A Bosu ball. Y’all KNOW my love for the Bosu ball. It’s an amazing addition to your workouts, for core work, balance, strength, cardio bursts, plyometrics…you name it. It’s amazing. Click HERE for a killer deal on a Bosu.
  5. Looped Bands. These are a MUST for me. I take them with to the gym. I use them at home. I workout with them when I go on vacation. They are a very simple way to add resistance & variety into your workouts. Click HERE for my favorite Idealfit bands, and click HERE for my favorite ones on Amazon.
  6. A kettle bell. I LOVE the kettlebell for so many reasons. They are so versatile. They are great for working the whole body. They are also really great for adding a decent amount of weight without having to purchase two DB’s. Click HERE for my favorite Kettlebells.
  7. A box or bench. Now, you can absolutely use a chair for a box or bench if you are doing step ups, & you can use a stair for box jumps. However, I am a big big fan of the soft box. I like knowing that if I do happen to misstep, I’m not going to ruin my shins. This is the box I use with my clients, and I love it. It’s versatile, you can flip it for 3 different heights. Click HERE for my favorite.
  8. Floor sliders. This is another super simple piece of equipment that can be so effective. These sliders are awesome for core work, balance, leg work, & another great way to mix up your workout variations. Click HERE for my favorite sliders.
  9. A mat. This is simple, but can make a big difference. If you are one who is utilizing a corner of the basement, or the garage for your workout space, a mat can make all the difference between you and that concrete. Click HERE for this big one, good one to give you room for all the burpees! Click HERE for one that is a bit smaller, but also a bit more heavy duty. And HERE for one that is a bit larger, & more heavy duty. Another great option if you are trying to cover some ground are these large heavy mats click HERE to see them. You could place two side by side, & have the perfect space.
  10. A medicine ball. Medicine balls are another super versatile piece of equipment. Click HERE for my favorite slam balls, HERE for my favorite padded balls, & HERE for my favorite med balls w/some bounce.
  11. Blue Tooth Speaker. This may seem strange to have on a list of necessary equipment items, but if you are working out at home, good tunes are a MUST. I have to have the music to keep me going. Click HERE for the speaker I use. It’s small, but can be extremely loud. It has awesome sound, great battery life, & is really user friendly.

If this was your list of items for your home gym, you’d seriously have a KILLER set up. You could do a TON, keep up the variety, & get in some awesome workouts! I always say start somewhere, & build your collection. Buy high quality items that will last you, and you won’t waste money replacing them!

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