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The BEST workout shorts IMHO ;)

4. Forever21 DOLPHIN SHORTS I actually love the cut of these shorts. They are SUPER flattering on the leg. Plus, they are only $15! However, they don’t last long…so the fabric quality is definitely about $15 worth.

5. Lululemon HOTTY HOT SHORT This was another one you guys mentioned you loved as well. Cute fit. I like the waistband. Comes in a longer and shorter length, so you can go with whatever you feel comfortable. Quality is 👌🏾

6. Idealfit CORE TRAINING SHORTS I seriously LOVE these shorts. I have them in both the dark berry & the black. They are a great length. They stay in place. They have a higher waistband. I feel like they would fit most body types too. (And remember if you order anything of the Ideallean site to use my code MCFIT for %10 off! This includes the clothes.)

These are my faves…I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. I know other followers like to hear too, so fill us in on what YOU love! ❤️

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1 thought on “The BEST workout shorts IMHO ;)”

  • I love workout shorts for basically every kind of workout. My favorite running/crossfit shorts of life were really ones I found at TJ Maxx for $15 — they are by a brand called 90 degree by reflex and they have a thick waistband and really deep pockets down each leg!! AMAZING!

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