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The BEST workout shorts IMHO ;)

I love shorts. You guys know that by now. Leggings are fine & all, but I just get too hot. Shorts though…it’s where it’s at. I have had a lot of you ask which ones are my favorites…so here is what I’ve got for you…(from L to R)

1. The Lululemon SPEED SHORT. I am slightly embarrassed to say how many pairs of these I have. In my defense, the quality is awesome. They wash AMAZINGLY well. They are just the best. I prefer the 4-way stretch over the 2. There is a 2.5 inch inseam which some people feel is a bit short. I will say (like I mentioned in my story yesterday, Lulu thought they should go and change the cut of the speed short, & I don’t love it like I used to. Sad sad day. 😟

2. Nike RIVAL SHORT. These fit a lot like the speed. They come in different lengths. I prefer the 3” However, if you feel like you need a bit of a longer short go with the 5”

3. Lululemon TRACKER SHORT. There was an overwhelming response of love for the Tracker short when I asked what you liked in my story. I do love it. However, sometimes I feel like there is a lot of extra fabric here because I’m used to the speed. Good length though, great waistband.

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  • I love workout shorts for basically every kind of workout. My favorite running/crossfit shorts of life were really ones I found at TJ Maxx for $15 — they are by a brand called 90 degree by reflex and they have a thick waistband and really deep pockets down each leg!! AMAZING!

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