A few tips and tricks to incorporating a healthy lifestyle

My current thoughts on food…because aren’t we always thinking about food? ;)

  1. I have been meticulously tracking my macros. The reason behind this is because I want to be sure I’m hitting the percentages I need to, getting enough food, and not going higher than I think my body can handle well right now. Sometimes I really do feel like I am a continual human science project. 🙂 But, I know if I am having these types of issues, a lot of other people are too. Like I said before, I’m not at a point where I feel like I can start manipulating my percentages a bit, to see what really works for me.
  2. I have been EXTREMELY careful with the foods that I’d consider my “easy to lose track of what i’m doing…” foods. If you know what I mean. For example. Skinny Pop is one of my FAVORITE foods. Like, It could be a food group and a meal for me, and I’d be super happy. But, it’s higher in fat, and easy to lose track of your intake if you aren’t careful. If there are areas where there is a possibly for error – I have been trying to be super aware. – I think this is one place where a LOT of my clients downfall…they aren’t fully tracking or accounting for all that they are eating, and when you are trying to reach goals, it does matter.  
  3. I have been DILIGENT with my protein. I’ve learned that the days where I hit my protein, I do a lot better. Protein is a hard one for me because I don’t love all meat. So, while this might be a non-issue for some people, it’s an area I have to watch.
  4. I have been super on top of my workouts. this part is easier for me because I consider my workouts a part of my job. I just don’t miss. Lots of intervals/circuits/lifting. All the best things. 🙂
  5. Yes, I am eating carbohydrates. But, the majority of my carb intake comes from vegetables & whole grains. As much as I’d love to be living on Hot Tamales & ice cream…it’s just never going to be my jam.
  6. I am watching my sugar intake very carefully. Sugar is something that people reallllly underestimate as far as what it can do to stop you from seeing the results you are wanting to see. I could go on forever here, but that’s another post for another day.

This all might sound pretty basic, but that is because it kind of is. My body is as stubborn as can be, this is true. BUT, I’m also quite determined to get where I want to be. Hopefully that update gives some of you an idea of where I’m at now. I’ll keep the progress updates coming.

xoxoxo Megs

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