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5 Ways to Use Your Protein Powder that Aren’t Protein Shakes

For someone who has a harder time getting in protein, (I’ve mentioned before that I am not a huge meat gal) protein powder is a life saver. It makes it so much easier to get my nutrition where I want it & need it to be. Protein intake is one of the things that I have my clients really try to focus on. It makes a difference.

Protein is important for SO many reasons. It keeps you full longer throughout the day, which will help to cut down on snacking & overeating. Diets higher in protein tend to have a more thermogenic effect, which means the body’s metabolism kicks up a notch to digest all that protein. For those who are working out, it is CRUCIAL with regards to building, maintaining, and repairing lean muscle. This goes for men AND women. Some women cringe at the term “muscle mass,” because they instantly think of being bulky. This is not the case. Muscle mass requires more energy than fat mass requires at rest. So, with regards to revving up that metabolism, you WANT muscle on your frame…not fat. Protein is one of the main building blocks of muscle, so you need it in your diet. And on a side note…Protein is good for keeping your hair, nails, & skin healthy…who doesn’t want that?

With that being said, protein can be a hard one to get in because a lot of the time it requires prep work. Prep work = time. Again…(insert the sound of angels singing) protein powder to the rescue. It’s quick, readily available.

Now, let me be the first to say that all protein powders are NOT created equal. In fact, I stayed away from them for quite some time because I just didn’t like many of them. This has definitely changed. You can find my favorite protein powder HERE. I use it every. single. day.

I am a creature of habit. I don’t have a problem eating a lot of the same things over and over again, for the most part. However, I realize that not everyone is like this. A lot of people need variety. Having a protein shake every day might not be their jam. So, what’s a protein-needing, variety-craving, individual to do? Let me show you some other ways that I use my protein powder to get my grams in for the day.

  1. Protein Waffles. This is actually one of my favorite ways to get in a good amount of protein. There are a couple of different ways I will make these. If I am needing more protein without the extra carbs. I use my go-to low carb waffle recipe. You can find it HERE. Keep in mind, the low carb waffles do have a bit of a different texture, but I like them. If I have some carbs to spare I like to mix 1 scoop of protein powder with 1/4 cup of Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes mix. I add water or unsweetened vanilla almond milk to the combo until it gets to be the right consistency. This has a BOMB taste/texture and still has awesome stats. I top my waffles with Jif Whips, PB2, or Walden Farms Pancake syrup. TASTY.
  2. Power Balls. I make these almost weekly to have on hand as a snack when I feel like I need something sweet, or want a lil’ treat. they are awesome to grab pre-workout if you aren’t big on eating before, but you need a little something. HERE is my favorite recipe.It’s a great base that you can play with, if you are wanting/needing to add some other things in. I have tried several different protein powder flavors, and there are TONS of ways to mix up this recipe.
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