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How to get back on track after a Holiday


I love the 4th of July so much. I love it even more when the celebrating spans over multiple days. It makes it so fun to be able to spend time with family & friends, doing all the best things. However, I’m sure most of you will agree that all this celebrating can throw a wrench in your “normal” routine. This means a regular exercise schedule can be interrupted, sleep might be lost, and all sorts of goodies might make their way into your diet. 

Maybe it’s just me…but this can leave me feeling less than fantastic when all is said and done. It can be easy to give into the lethargy, & lack of excitement about getting back into a routine. But, I promise, the quicker you do, the better you’ll feel! So, here some tips to help get yourself back to feeling 100%.

  1. Get a workout in. I know…you are tired, your house is messy from all the chaos, you need to go grocery shopping, you might have had a left over treat from your 4th of July BBQ for breakfast…but, if you get a workout in (even a quick one) you will feel so much better.
  2. Drink at LEAST 100 oz of water today. No questions asked here. If you have eaten a ton of crap, or even if you have just eaten a lot of foods that aren’t your norm, drinking a lot of water will help to kind of flush your system, & get you back on track to feeling more like yourself. This is always a BIG one for me. I feel so much better when i’m better about my water.
  3. Go to bed early tonight. A lot of our feeling like doing nothing comes from doing SO much.(But let’s be real…worth every minute, right?)  Make it a point to get in bed tonight. Do what you need to in order to catch up on your sleep. It will help you be less snacky/craving sugar, & more rested.
  4. Get rid of the junk. This is a big one. If the leftover treats are just sitting on your counter, you will be likely to take a little bite here and a little bit there every time you walk by. Freeze your goodies for later, throw away the stuff you don’t really care about, put the candy away, give you junk to your neighbors… 😉 I tend to be one who will eat it if it’s there, and not think about it if it isn’t…so instead of taunting yourself by having it in front of your face…get it out of sight.
  5. Get back into your routine ASAP. There is no need to go SO drastic (cut out all food/exercise for 17 hours etc.) That kind of behavior isn’t lasting, & will likely either burn you out or leave you wanting to binge on those frozen cookies. Just get back into your “normal,” eating healthy & exercising, & your body will regulate out. I promise.
  6. Fill your body with lots of good things. I always feel better when I fuel myself better, & I feel crappier when I eat crappier. It is just the way it is. Really try and eat a lot of good greens, veggies, lean protein, & less sugar. Your body will respond well, I promise. You will get that energy back, you’ll feel less bloated, & overall you will just feel better inside & out.
  7. Stop using the holiday excuse. The truth is, there is always an excuses for indulging. My thought on this is, you have to decide what you really want. I totally believe in moderation in all things, but I also know that a continual pattern of indulging and overeating isn’t moderation either. Decide when it really is worth indulging, and then enjoy every single bite. Then get right back on track, & move forward. The longer you stay ” off track,” the harder it is to get back “on track.” This I know from my own experience, and from working with hundreds of people who have had the same problem. I promise you…you’ll feel better once you get back to your norm!

Get back into it, & you’ll be surprised at how quickly your body acclimates to being back on track! I hope you had a fantastic 4th, full of all the people, fun, & food that you love! <3

2 thoughts on “How to get back on track after a Holiday”

  • This is such a good reminder — after traveling or a holiday, it’s so easy to just keep being lazy! I love the list, especially #7! I tend to use holidays/birthdays/Fridays/etc… as an excuse to (1) be lazy and now workout and (2) eat like it’s my last day on Earth!


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