A few tips and tricks to incorporating a healthy lifestyle

How to Make the Most of Your Workout

  • You’re not taxing your muscles adequately. Women especially, are ALWAYS concerned about lifting to heavy and getting bulky. (I promise you that is not a thing. If you are getting bulky, it is likely that there are other reasons for this.) However, I also know a lot of men who aren’t taxing their muscles the way they should to see improvement. If you want to see CHANGE in your muscles, you have to tax them enough to force change. It is science, and it is just the way it is. Once again, it’s all about HOW you are working out.
  • You aren’t being consistent with a program. People often get discouraged a week into their workout that they aren’t seeing the results they want. (After a week of hard work it usually feels like you should look like an olympian, I get it.) However, that is just not the way it goes. Physical changes take time, consistency, & patience. It is just the way it goes. But if you don’t stick with something consistently for enough time, you aren’t going to see any changes at all. HANG IN THERE!
  • You are overtraining. If you aren’t giving your body enough time to recoup/rest/rebuild, you will stunt your progress. I highly recommend taking a rest day during the week and listening to your body! I am also a FIRM believer in BCAA’s. Click HERE for my favorite kind. I have seen a huge difference in my recovery since I’ve been religious with my BCAA’s, & protein intake. Sleep is also extremely important. Your body repairs and recovers while you are sleeping, so make it a priority.
  • Your diet isn’t what it should be. This is one of the biggest reasons why people aren’t seeing the results of their hard work…and it is the one that everyone hates to hear me say. If you aren’t eating to reach your goals and see results, you won’t. It’s just that simple. The saying that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet is SO very true. That also just sounds exhausting. I am a big believer in moderation, and I think there is a time & place for treats & indulgences. But eating crappy the majority of the time isn’t going to give you the results you want. It just isn’t.
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